Manufacturer and Exporter of Sesame Seeds including Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seed, Natural Sesame Seed, Black Sesame Seed, Roasted Sesame Seed, Toasted Sesame Seed, Sesame Oil in India.
We Processing and Exporting of Ani Seed, Groundnut Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Oil Cake, from Shyam Industries in India. Leading Manufacturer of Sesame Seeds as well as Sesame Oil in India. Infrastructure of Shyam Industries in India. We Exports Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil Including Groundnut Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Oil Cake from India. Contact for Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil in Ahmedabad, India.
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Edible Seeds as Yellow Mustard Seeds, Rapeseed.
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Yellow Mustard Seeds  
One of our products includes yellow mustard seeds. We offer yellow mustard seeds that are thoroughly cleaned with hi-tech machines under hygienic environment.

Amongst all types, yellow mustard seeds are highly used for various applications like mustard sauce, pickles. They are also used in salad dressings, various vegetables. It has a hot and spicy flavor.

Yellow mustard seeds are stimulant, pungent, laxative and digestive.
Yellow Mustard Seeds


Our product portfolio also includes rapeseed.

The other name for rapeseed is Oilseed Rape, Rapa, Rape.

Rapeseed is a winter or spring crop. Rapeseed is basically an oil crop and it is in a way also linked with cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, turnip and broccoli.

These seeds are used for making edible oil & meals and for industrial purposes.

We also supply rapeseed oil, one of the most heart healthy oil which is apparently known for reducing cholesterol levels.

Rapeseed oil is a kind of cooking oil used for numerous purposes almost equivalent to olive oil.

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