Roasted Sesame Seeds

Shyam Industries manufacture 3 different types of Roasted Sesame Seed.

  • Roasted Natural Sesame Seeds
  • Roasted Black Sesame Seeds
  • Roasted Hulled Sesame Seeds.

Sesame seeds originate from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. suitable for human consumption.

Roasted Sesame Seeds are crispy, soft and have pure nutty flavor of typical sesame taste.

We supply both Conventional and Organic Certified Roasted / Toasted Sesame Seeds.

Country of Origin India
Harvest Period Kharif Crop (Oct/Nov); Rabi Crop (May/June)
Packaging 10kg, 12.5 kg, 15kg, 25lbs, 50lbs, 25 kg in paper/poly bags
Labeling As per buyer’s instruction.
Shelf Life 1 year from production date.
GMO Status Not genetically modified.
Specification Detail specification will be provided upon request.


They are used in bakery, confectionary, chocolate, Ice-cream & halvah to provide nutty taste.